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Badger Cargo was established out of the passion of people who wanted to make distinctive changes to the trophy export and freight industry. In a profession that is often clouded with confusion and frustrations, Badger Cargo offers you solutions-driven service to assist you in the safe and efficient movement of your valued belongings. Every adventure is filled with personal experiences, there is no reason that the shipping of your consignment should be any less.

The Badger Team

As owners and operators of Badger Cargo, Pieter & Ilse strive to ensure that every customer receives client-centred and solutions-driven service. Badger Cargo will be by your side throughout the entire export, import and logistical process and ensure your consignment arrives safely at its final destination.

Our Combined Experience

Badger Cargo has a combined experience in excess of 25 years in the fields of import, export, multi-modal transport and logistics, warehousing and distribution. With a focus on specialised commodities such as hunting trophies, animal skins, and other African souvenirs, Badger Cargo is your solution to getting all your hard-earned trophies back to your home.

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