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Badger Cargo was established out of the passion of people who wanted to make distinctive changes to the trophy export and freight industry. In a profession that is often clouded with confusion and frustrations, Badger Cargo offers you solutions-driven service to assist you in the safe and efficient movement of your valued belongings. Every adventure is filled with personal experiences, there is no reason that the shipping of your consignment should be any less.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Do plains game trophies need special permits?

Plains Game species require export permits from the respective provincial offices. There are no special permits required and generally, with the exception of country laws that these trophies would require import permits. CITES species however may require import permits to be issued by laws of the destination country. CITES I species require import permits regardless, whilst every country may have additional laws pertaining to other CITES listed animals. Once your shipment is on hand with us we will advise accordingly of procedure, should import permits be required


What is customs and clearing?

All exports and imports must be legally declared to Customs departments in order to obtain exit or entry into the country. These services are generally referred to as clearing services. Once a consignment arrives at a destination country this protocol is duplicated on reverse, therefore ensuring that the shipped products are legally declared into the country of destination.


How are charges for customs and clearing determined?

Countries would impose variable percentages to imported goods, determined by the commodity and harmonized code of the product transported. The value due to customs would be determined based on the declared value of the goods as well as purpose for import. Administration fees would be standard charges for services rendered by brokerage firms. It is therefore suggested that quotes be obtained from various companies prior to making a decision. In our past experience we have worked with multiple companies, where costs may differ. However, what carries more importance is that the company chosen be one that is is aware of the formalities involved in clearance of specific commodities

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